Tereck’s Certifications


hpTereck recieved the status as an HP VIP Reseller for Multi-function products as well as Wide Format Printers early in our corporate history. It’s an award we have been happy to maintain though the life of the company todate. This designation is given to those resllers who can demonstrate a high level of service for the end useres of these products, as well as selling a significant volume of them anually. Tereck is one of 10 resellers nationally to achieve this status in both MFP and Wide Format arenas, and the only one in the South East Region. Additionally Tereck has become one of HP’s top 15 resellers overall, out of 3500 dealers.

Top Canon Reseller

canonTereck has continually been a top reseller of Canon equipment, both in the South East Region and Nationally among Independent Resellers. This is due to a high level of service given to our customers as well as the volume of equipment sold. We have become a prefered outlet for Canon’s own sales arm, Canon Business Solutions, for any equipment to be placed in the Carolinas Region.